Private Fee Guide

Giffnock Village Dental Care

When considering the private fees, the team at Giffnock take into consideration many factors. The cost of the materials, the number of appointments required, the length of these appointments. Any associated laboratory fees using quality dental laboratories. Most importantly the training and experience of the operator.


New Patient Examination £55.00
Implant Consultation£30.00
Implant Assessment/Examination£150.00
Digital X-ray (oral)£10.00
Digital X-ray (Panoramic)£35.00
Hygiene (standard)£35.00
Hygiene (30+ mins)£55.00
White Filling (anterior tooth)£30.00
White Filling (posterior tooth)from£75.00
Extraction (simple)from£75.00
Extraction (surgical)from£125.00
Wisdom Tooth removal£195.00
Root Canal Treatment (incisors)£250.00
Root Canal Treatment (molar)£350.00
White Crown (metal/porcelain)£550.00
White Crown (metal Free)£600.00
Diagnostic Wax-Up (per tooth)£55.00
Veneer (per tooth)£400.00
Bridge (per tooth)£600.00
Implant Placement (per implant)£1200.00
Implant Abutment£350.00
Implant Crown£600.00
Implant Bridge£600.00
Implant Bone Graft£500.00
Home Bleaching£195.00
Bleaching Syringes (each)£14.00
Full Dentures (per arch)£600.00
Partial Acrylic Denture£475.00
Partial Chrome Denture£800.00
Botulinim injection (2 areas)£250.00
Botulinim injection (3 areas)£295.00
Recement Crown£35.00
Recement Bridge£45.00

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We operate a shift system usually 8am-2pm  one day followed by 2pm-8pm the following day that we alternate every week. So if the practice appears closed  we have either just closed or are still to open. Contact us anytime by emailing or phoning and leaving a message.