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A broken tooth does not always mean an extraction and denture. Today a lady attended with broken front teeth after a fall.

Unfortunately, the small tooth beside the incisor was not saveable. So a temporary bridge was made at the chair side that allowed us to place two teeth. The patient was happy and so were we. In 3-4 months we will place a more permanent bridge after the area where the tooth was removed has healed.


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A simple hygiene visit can make a world of difference to how you feel. At Giffnock Village Dental Care we love to help you keep your teeth clean.

Below is a simple picture of a recent hygiene visit. The before picture has a filter that shows varying degrees of plaque, tartar and staining. The below picture shows how effective a clean can be.

And to keep the fresh feeling mouth we recommend a Philip’s Sonicare.

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Teeth Whitening It’s summer and this is a perfect time to get whiter teeth. So to help you get the smile you want Giffnock Village Dental Care are offering Teeth Whitening at a reduced price for a limited time. There are so many benefits of teeth whitening and its so easy to do. All you…