Learning the Business of Dentistry

March 28, 2019 admin

Dentists regularly invest time and effort into developing themselves professionally, to improve their skills, keep up to date with the latest techniques and regulations and generally improve as a professional. Interestingly while we are undergraduates we never learn the skills required about owning and running a business and all the expertise that is required to be a successful businessman. Deal with money, complaints, regulation, staffing, the list goes on.

I have owned a dental practice for over 10 years now. I have learned how to run a dental practice by trial and error, mostly error. I have inherited staff, lost staff, and gained new staff. I have worked with some terrific people but last year I made the best appointment of my career by taking Lynsay on board as my practice manager. Lynsay has many skills and deals with many situations better than I ever could. In many ways she compliments me in business as well as in life. But like myself, she has no formal training in running a dental practice. So I decided to send Lynsay for some training and while I was at it, I thought I would send myself for some training.

I have known about Chris Barrow (a dental business coach) for years now and I have been to several of his seminars before. I have always felt encouraged and interested in knowing more. And here we are, starting 2019 with a bang on his “Extreme Business” dental course – a year long programme involving workshops in London, monthly web calls, weekly feedback forms and daily phone calls!

We’re looking forward to making positive changes to the businesses, improving processes and work life for our staff and for all our patients. We hope to realise that you can teach an old dog new tricks (me, not Lynsay, of course) and that running a business can be fun as well as challenging. We are excited about the year ahead and hope to learn lots. And are excited about improving our services so that you can get better quality care and attention. We also hope the seminars in London, as far away from the kids as possible, result in at least a few full night sleeps!