Teeth Whitening Summer Special

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Teeth Whitening

It’s summer and this is a perfect time to get whiter teeth. So to help you get the smile you want Giffnock Village Dental Care are offering Teeth Whitening at a reduced price for a limited time.
There are so many benefits of teeth whitening and its so easy to do. All you need is for us to take moulds of your upper and lower teeth. These mould are then used to tailor make a set of whitening trays. We then give you the trays and the bleaching syringes and you wear the trays as often as you want.

Teeth Whitening
Maybe you have used Teeth Whitening before and you want to freshen up your smile for your upcoming summer holiday or that wedding. Additional bleaching syringes are readily available at Giffnock Village Dental care. So if you run out of bleaching gel we have a readily available stock on site. All we ask is a like on our Facebook page.
Summer price £195 contains whitening trays and 4 bleaching syringes. Additional syringes £14 per syringe

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